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Psychoprofil is a society operated by psychologists. Our aim is to offer personality assessment services via Internet to professionals and organisations who have to compose with complex relations around.

Our tests are used in psychotherapy, training and research since many years. Now they are available on the Internet.

Our site is progressively translated from French to English. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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To use the Terci
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Interpersonal Behavior Reference Framework (CDR)

We use it as a grid to identifiy the person's psychological profile.
The Terci measures and allows to interpert it's leading outlook.

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Personal Report

From answers to the test, we generate a custom-made report making out a portrait of the person as she sees herself actually in comparison to her ideal. We comment observed scores characteristics of the person. We gather different ways the answers to the test in order identify assets to rely on, pitfalls to avoid and other points of vue to consider if you decide to get the hint and act accordingly. We can alse generate a report in order to make a comparison of the way a person sees herself compared to the perception she has of another person.

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To make a psychological portrait we propose the TERCI
(Interpersonal Behavior Framework Evaluation Test)

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Our approach
How the use of our tests can help in a personal or relational change process

the Terci

Dr Richard Hould conducts training workshops about the Terci.
Contact us for more information.

With TERCI, the personality assessment it does enable to make an accurate description of the way a person makes up with her environement. It shows three aspects : the preferred adaptation mode (17 possible attributes), the affiliation and dominance levels (7 possible levels each).

These factors allow to figure out the person state of mind and the foreseeable impacts it may have on relations with others and the way she leads her life. We can compare the actual situation to ideal. We also can compare ourself to another person. From these perspectives, we can better understand the person's dynamics. Based on answers to items representing assets and bias, we propose a plan for change. Concepts are easy to understand and explain. So we may go fast to problem solving from a shared point of vue of the situation.

Results and reports are custom made by computer. Algorithms we have developed allow to reach the necessary refinement for making an accurate report about the person's personality.


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